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Onboarding for Attribution

What's Zoex Attribution?

Zoex Attribution is our solution to provide better attribution in a post-iOS world. As we both know, having a Conversion API is just not enough.

Why do you need Attribution?

I'm pretty sure you've had a situation where you get orders and then you check your ads. You can't figure out why it displays lower than it should. You have trouble understanding which ads actually convert and not knowing what to scale. Let us help you out.

Setting up Attribution

There are three easy steps to setting it up:

Enabling Attribution
Connecting your ad accounts
Setting up UTMs for ads

Enabling Attribution:

You just have to go to the Pricing plan page, turn on the Attribution feature, and confirm.
Please note that we charge based on monthly orders, but the first 50 are free.

Connecting your ad accounts:

To select an ad account, go to the settings page and login with your Facebook or TikTok account.

Setting up UTMs for ads:

We can't track the performance of your ads accurately without this step. UTMs are different on each platform, so check the ones you need:

Set up Facebook UTMs
Set up TikTok UTMs

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 12/12/2022

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